Céline belt, my dreams bag I just got for my 30’s.

To tell you everything, I have hesitated a long time between the Belt and the Luggage (mini size), but I have finally chosen the Belt for several reasons. First of all for practical reasons as the Belt can be worn at the shoulder with the strap. I love having my hands free when I go shopping or when I have to take pictures. Moreover, the Belt has a more casual/chic style, which corresponds better to my personal style. The luggage is gorgeous too but I had to make a choice, so I took the bag I would be able to wear the most often.

Then, came the question of the color. I have already a few medium size bags, in which there is my black Jérôme Dreyfuss (already seen here). So at first, I didn’t want another black bag but a light color one. But the seller advised me not to. He saw on my face that buying a luxury bag is something kind of exceptional for me. He told me that light colors’ bags are gorgeous but only in the outlets. Blue jeans will stain on it and there is no way to clean the leather after that. It frightened me! Then, I took a grain leather which is more difficult to scratch compared to smooth leather. So, it was a final reasonable choice!

Concerning the outfit, I wear a pink winter outfit in jumper and tights. Don’t forget that pink is very trendy this season (Chanel, Gucci, Dolce & Gabana catwalks).

The check shirt dress comes from Asos Petite. I paired it with my Des Petits Hauts jumper (gift from my colleagues for my thirties) that I love. I adore its oversize and short design and its pale pink color. To remind the pink color, I wear my pink Superstar (already seen here).

And to finish, I wear my new Christelle dit Christensen earrings. With their graphic style, I find they bring character to an outfit.

I let you discover the pictures. The first shooting was shot with my friend Caroline, they were lovely but I didn’t like my face on the pictures. Had to do the shooting again…

Have a lovely week, Xxx.

Fashion advice for petites

I wear a high waist and short dress. It is the kind of dress which, I find, fits best to petite body types.

Des Petits Hauts jumper (new co) – Asos Petite dress (new co) – Céline bag, Belt design – Adidas Superstar, T36, worn with soles – Christelle dit Christensen earrings, Isadora design in black (new co)*


Photos : Palais Royal, Paris

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  1. Céline
    3 ans


    L’ensemble avec le joli sac c’est parfait !



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    3 ans

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