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Gardens by the Bay

avril 14, 2014

Here is my second post of Singapore, with pics of Gardens by the Bay. 

The top I wear comes from the store MDS, a Singaporian brand. This top was a great surprise: nice design, cute print, low price (about 20$) and perfect size! I bought a S size (on three sizes: S, M and L) and I find that the S fits very well to me. Lenght is perfect! Indeed, Singaporians have the same mortphology as mine. For example, I can hold the sub’s hangers, that has never been possible in Paris nor Dubai.

Something horrible happened to this top! I need to tell you the whole story. I wanted to wear it in the morning, so I ironed it. But I haven’t read the ironing instructions before (I never do that usually!). I always pay a lot of attention to that because in the past, I had been witnessed to many ironing accidents! So that morning, I burned the top, before wearing it for the first time! I was so disappointed. I had to call almost all the MDS stores in Singapore to find the same one in my size. Luckily, I was able to get one!

Morality of my story: Always read the ironing instructions!

MDS top (new co) – H&M jeans (new co) – Maud Terseur bag (old) – Zara kids flats, T35 (old) – Femmes à Barbes bracelet (new co) – DIY Earrings – Yves-Saint-Laurent rouge pop art polish


Photos : Singapore

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