I was wearing this outfit last Saturday. I woke up early because I had to meet the Hop Hop Hop designer in the 18th but also because I wanted to shoot my outfit before. I love the 18th area in Paris (Montmartre) which is like a piece of countryside within Paris. To be on time in the morning, I have prepared everything the previous day: I have polished my nails, prepared my bag with my DSLR inside (and checked if there was a memory card), changed my hand bag, washed my hair, and so on. I haven’t dried them properly, you can see it on the pictures. My hair are going everywhere! It’s such an organization to go out for a shooting. After that, we went to have lunch in a Japanese restaurant Rue Sainte-Anne, then went to les Galeries Lafayette (my husband was looking for suits) and ended up at a friend’s place for tea time. It was another busy Saturday!

I was wearing a Maje dress bought for a wedding two years ago (already seen here). Then, I worn it one more time for my wedding last year with gold flats. I have switched it with my long white dress when I couldn’t bear my high heels any more. Since, it was safely kept in my closed. I found it too chic for the everyday life. Then, I’ve decided to wear it again when I was looking for pink clothes to pair with my new pink Superstar. Combined with sneakers and a denim jacket, I find it perfect. I am very happy to have been able to recycle this wedding dress and give it a second life.

Last week, I explained you my fight to get my Sézane Raffaella jumper here. It was the same thing with these pink Superstar. When I have decided to buy them (because I had to wait for my paycheck), the 36 size was sold out almost everywhere on Internet: on Adidas e-shop, Zalando, Sarenza, Place des Tendances. So, I have decided to call physical stores to know if they were still available some where. I have tried Adidas, Foot Locker, Galeries Lafayette, but vainly… Luckily, I got them at Printemps Haussman, it was the last pair in 36!

Concerning the accessories, I wear a l’Indiscrète brooch (I am so disappointed, I have lost it just after the shooting…) and Garett Leight sunnies, lent by Amandine, my fashion colleague. She has an amazing taste concerning fashion, great style and has always the latest fashion accessories.

To end, the earrings have been designed by Virginie, founder of the brand Noshi. Noshi jewellry are 100% made in France and made with origami paper. To be more accurate, it’s mulberry-tree fiber which is used. Virginie designs the shapes, textures and patterns all by herself. She also dies the paper with coloured pigments, and silkscreens it to give a good resistance to light. As for me, I chose to wear the Dancer in the Dark earrings, a 24 carats gold-plated design, with pale pink and golden glitter.

Have a nice week, Xxx.

Fashion advice for petites

The dress is not very short but as it is worn with an open jacket and as the waist is high, it’s lovely with sneakers!

Pimkie denim jacket (new co) – Maje dress (old) – Adidas pale pink Superstar, T36 (new co) – Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, Too Hot Too handle design – Garett Leight sunnies, Milwood design – Noshi earrings, Dancer in the dark design (new co)* – L’Indiscrète balloon brooch (new co) – C03 Une Beauty polish


Photos : Montmartre, 18ème arrondissement, Paris

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