I wanted to entitle this post « bitten by mosquitoes ». Because when this outfit has been shot in the South of France 10 days ago, my legs were full of mosquito bites. It’s so unfair but I am always the one who attracts mosquitoes. I am bound to be bitten when they are in the air. As I love eating sweets, I was told one day that mosquitoes like me because my blood was sweeter than the average (without being diabetic). But in fact, that is not true. It’s more complicated than that. There are several criteria that attract our mosquitoes enemies such as the blood type, the carbon dioxide exhaled by our breathing, our sweat smell, the sex (females have a thinner skin than men) and so on.

In the South, it’s warm, very warm (more than thirties degrees in the day). So I could shoot a Summer outfit wearing a short and flats.

I wear my new high waist denim short from Bizzbee. I bought it just before leaving Paris. I love its design but it’s a little short. I have paired it with a white top because I wanted to highlight the colorful accesories.

My pompons flats come from Zara kids. I love them very much because despite the pompons, I find them quite minimalist. It’s the pompons flats trend this year. They are sold everywhere but as always, it’s difficult to find THE perfect pair. Except this one, I usually find them excessive.

To complete the outfit, I wear one of my Summer favorite bracelet from Ame&Lys you have already seen ici. Concerning the toucan necklace, it’s been a while I wanted to show it to you. I was waiting for Summer to integrate it to a Summer outfit. It’s a 24 gold-plated carats necklace 100% made in France (made in Paris) from the brand Toucan Bleu. I love the designer Cécile colorful world. She makes us travel through her jewellry.

Fashion advice for petites

It’s crazy how high waist bottoms contribute to lenghten the body! I only measure 5,0 feet (I have extremely small legs) and with this high waist short worn with a white top under the short, I look tall with long legs. Don’t hesitate to wear high waist bottoms (jeans, skirt, short) in your outfits!

Bizzbee short (new co) – Petit Bateau top (old) – Toucan Bleu necklace (new co)* – Ame&Lys bracelet, Lima design (new co)* – Zara kids flats, T35 (sold out) – Jérôme Dreyfuss bag, Billy M design – Essie polish, cute as a button shade (hands) and Une Beauty, C03 shade (feet)

Sans titre-4SEO

Photos : Gordes, Provence, France

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  1. Iryna
    3 ans

    This is so inspiring! I love the post:)


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    3 ans

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