While writing this post on 2016 trendy colors here, I wanted to wear an outfit all in Rose Quartz & Serenity. I am glad these two colors have been elected colors of the year because I love them. I find them very peaceful and I believe they are really a great match.

This jumper bought at H&M show this Rose Quartz & Serenity trend very well. In fact, I wonder how industrials work to be so responsive. Indeed, the colors of the year have just been announced to the consumer that the brands all provide in their new collection, a wide range of Rose Quartz & Serenity items. I’m pretty sure they have the information before us but I am just curious to discover how it works… (if one of you has a few info, don’t hesitate to leave a comment under this post please!)

I also wear an Asos Petite bright color jeans, a shoulder sky blue bag from Mango and my new laced up pink sandals coming from Asos. I agree that it is still too cold to wear this kind of open shoes but if I wait for April to show it to you, it would probably be sold out (it’s so crazy with Asos).

I got the bracelet in the Les Tendancieuses February box. This month, it is the designer Justine Clenquet who is featured. Her jewellry reflects very well her rock, underground and seventies world. The bracelet is refined, easy to wear and original with the mix of colors (pale gold and palladium). Palladium belongs to platinums and is better than silver because it doesn’t get oxidized.

Enjoy your week, Xxx.

Fashion advice for petites

If you are petite, laced up shoes are not really advised because it « breaks » the wrist. And of course, with laced up shoes, you just want to show them (no need to wear laced up shoes if you hide the lacing with your jeans). For that, I folded the jeans into a hem but it shortens the legs. So, to balance this optical effect, I wear high heels and a high waist jeans.

 H&M jumper (new co) – Asos Petite jeans (new co) – Asos sandals, T35 (new co) – Mango bag (new co) – Satellite Paris earrings – Bracelet Justine Clenquet from Les Tendancieuses February box


Photos : Eglise de la Madeleine, Paris

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  1. Anne Jennifer
    4 ans

    Les photos, le sac, les shoes…. j’aime j’aime J’AIME !!!!!! <3

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